QuickSell Auto was founded in 2017 by Rory Swindell and his partner as a wholesale dealership which only sold to other dealers. Once word spread, they were receiving requests from friends and family to get vehicles for them as well. Therefore in 2018 QuickSell Auto was converted into a retail dealership selling directly to the public.

Thanks to our loyal friends, family, and repeat customers, Rory and his partner outgrew multiple warehouses with the volume of sales and eventually had an opportunity to open an official lot in Longwood, FL which held 50-60 trucks, SUVs, and cars. July of 2019, they sold a record 40 vehicles.

In 2021 after much prayer and consideration Rory decided to buy out his partner, becoming sole owner of QuickSell Auto, and move the dealership to Apopka to be closer to home and Northwest Church.

Hiring on a bilingual sales and marketing manager, the business has greatly increased its brand and reach online, and within the Latino community. With a goal of becoming the go-to dealer for Apopka and surrounding central Florida counties we work hard at having aggressive prices for great vehicles.

When you spend your hard-earned money at QuickSell Auto it supports multiple families. They in turn spend their money locally at other businesses supporting other families. This is much appreciated at every sale as we love being a part of blessing the great city of Apopka.

We also give thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who provided the grace needed to be cleansed from a life that was drenched in selfishness and wild living. What we have today is “better than I deserve”. Without the Lord’s guidance QuickSell Auto would not be what and where we are today.

Here’s where we worship every Sunday and encourage all who are seeking rest, peace, and joy to be our guest: https://www.northwestorlando.com/home

(407) 504-7679