Rory Swindell

Rory has had a passion for selling cars for over 20yrs. His family would tease him because he only held onto a vehicle for 6 months and would sell it and move on to another. But he was always shopping around for really good deals and loved haggling with people on price so he’d end up selling his vehicle for what he paid or sometimes more. Mostly a hobby he never thought he’d end up doing it professionally, but the door was opened to be in business for himself and he jumped on it (with the blessing of his wife of course). Rory LOVES buying and selling cars and trucks and getting customers really good deals.

Graduating UCF with a mathematics degree Rory is extremely analytical and uses that approach to the business. He can be often heard saying “I just hide out in the open” because he’s so upfront with customers. Rory shows customers the invoice from the auction and shows what the dealership is making on each transaction.

Rory has lived in Seminole County since 2002 and is a big supported of all things Seminole County because it’s a great place to live and work. He supports local businesses whenever possible and urges everyone else to do the same. When you choose to spend your hard earned money with QuickSell Auto your money will be reinvested through other goods and services within Seminole County.

Married with 4 kids his life is not short of amusement and speed, but in his off time he is a leader at Northwest Church


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