Sales and Marketing Manager

With years of experience selling cars that started in his home country of Honduras, Diler “Ed” Tabora hit the ground running at QuickSell Auto. Ed was quickly getting QuickSell Auto the consistent social media presence it was missing.

Exceeding in sales and customer service, especially with our Latino/Hispanic customers, it was clear that Ed is going to play a pivotal role at the dealership moving forward. With tailored ads and posts for the Spanish speaking market, QuickSell Auto is increasing its reach in the community every day.

If we ever let him leave the office, Ed loves to travel and spend time with his 2 daughters when he is able. If you know a great beach spot please let him know.


With a love and interest in vehicles which spans decades, Rory is a true “car guy”. He claims you can blindfold him and he can identify almost any engine upon start up. This love of vehicles led him to purchasing a different vehicle every 4-6 months, which his family would tease him about. He would drive it and love it for a short while and then sell it and move on to another vehicle. It was fun and a hobby he could do at his leisure. He never imagined he’d be owner of his own dealership in the not-to-distant future.

In 2017 Rory was approached because of this knowledge and love of vehicles, to go into business with a friend and get their dealer’s license, only working on the dealership part time. Word got out that a high trust person, with a great reputation, was in an industry mostly known for the exact opposite, and he was fielding calls constantly. So in 2018 with the blessing of his wife (who was pregnant with their 4th child), he decided to jump in with both feet and leave his comfy safe day job to pursue the dealership full time. Friday June 6th 2018 was his last day as an employee, and Monday June 8th 2018 he was self-employed (or unemployed, depending on how things went ;))

Years went by with lots of blessing and opportunities to continue to grow into new and larger spaces. With great ups and downs as most start up businesses experience, it was clear this was his path forward. As the business reached cruising altitude Rory decided to become sole owner of QuickSell Auto and bought out his partner. The lot was moved to Apopka, FL which has been a great location thus far.

Rory is listed as “Co-founder” on his business card to indicate that God has been at the helm ever since the business was started. God showed up every step of the way and Rory continues to make sure QuickSell Auto remains a marketplace ministry far exceeding the concept of just selling used vehicles. Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of this dealership and always will be. Please know, if you’ve read thus far it’s not by accident and God has a plan, and a love for you which far exceeds anything you could imagine. Please inquire about being added to Rory’s daily prayer list and watch God show up in your life. Disclaimer: God does not promise comfort, but peace.